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  • Make a one-time or ongoing donation using IBAN BE58 0689 0294 9179 - BIC GKCCBEBB
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  • Become a "Group of Heroes"

You are great alone :-) and as a team with your hyper connected social network.
Be convincing and win a 5000-euro blade prosthetic
Form a team of «Heroes" - 9 month goal - €5, €10 or €40 every month, each of you, and become a Hero for our Kids

(tax deduction for €40 and over)


Become a child’s sponsor and help him fulfill himself in his daily life!

Your support is essential if we are to achieve our goals

  • Sponsor of 1 child: €5,000
  • Follow your Kid over a period of several years: €2500/year

(Price includes - socket - liner - bolt> Blade change every two years and the socket – liner – bolt every year because the child is growing).


Our Challenge

237 Kids

From  6 to 18 years of age

Partenariat Cédric Lescut - Androïd 34

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